Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeling a little political today

My good friend and I were chatting about this situation between the Cambridge Police Officer (Sgt. Crowley) and Professor Gates. It seems there were agendas all around, in my humble judgement. The officer is certainly in the weakest position here, tangling with a well known Harvard professor, who just happens to be acquainted with the President -- Barack Obama.

Could that have been more devastating to his position? I rather doubt it, but he is holding his own. Support from the Policemen's Association of Massachusetts is helping his side a bit. The biggest stumble for Sgt Crowley is the President interrupted his Press Conference to announce the police acted "stupidly" in this matter. Whew! That cannot make your day.

Now, the President has backtracked a bit as the facts are coming in supporting the contention that all sides may have acted a bit rashly. Professor Gates apparently has a hair trigger attitude when it comes to being approached by policemen, and his first reaction was "racist policeman" profiling a "black man in America." I think he could have taken a less confrontational approach and gotten out of the situation with both sides saying, "Oops." Apparently, that is not his method of dealing with a policeman.

Bottom line here; the Professor apparently has an agenda that says, "attack policemen as racist cops" and they will run away, the policeman has a "don't attack me, and don't mention my Mom" attitude," and the President has a "let's jump to a conclusion" approach (apparently he assumed -- wrongly -- that Cambridge officers are racists, and all black Harvard Professors are unable to behave badly in public. I reckon everybody was wrong.

My old, now long gone grandmother, used to say, "if you can't nothing good, don't say nothing." Looks like all these fellows could have use dthis sage advice, eh? Might be a lesson in there for them, and us.

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