Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shoot, now I am tweeting

Well, I finally did it, I signed up for Twitter. I was not sure it was a great idea, but since so many are doing it, and apparently like to do it, I finally had to give in and set up an account. I can report it is easy to open the account, and the profile is pretty effortless. What may not be so effortless is the business end of the process -- tweeting.

It seems you gotta go to the site and enter a line or two talking about what you are doing. Crap, I just mowed the yard, and walked the dogs. That is interesting to exactly who? Oh well, I can always say I am doing interesting stuff! Most of the time we are all sitting here at the keyboard trying to think of something nifty to report in a tweet. I see this could get out of hand.

My other effort is to think up something interesting to say on this blog. Do you see a pattern developing here? Dog, this could become embarassing -- I need a content source!

I also need to get another article written to publish online so I keep my article count growing. I published my 16th article the other day. It is titled; 7 Attributes of Effective Leaders. I think it is a fairly well written short article outlining a few things I hope will help those trying to become effective leading teams. I noticed the article view count started to grow right away. That is good, now if only some of those reviewers will leave a comment or two letting me know what they think about the quality of my writing.

If you want to review some of the articles I have written, please do, and leave me a danged comment! They are found here; and I do get by there every day to check for comments.

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  1. Hi Ken!

    Use Twitter to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN). Don't use it because too many other people are doing it. IMHO, Twitter is a learning tool. It is the tool for your informal education. In today's world, the key is to succeed is to stay connected with the world. Twitter let me do that.

    See you in Twitter!